Our ministry has three main sectors, each making an impact in unique but critical ways.


The Need There are countless children who are attending church but are not being spiritually fed, especially within small churches. More often than not, these churches do not have the resources, whether it be teachers or Bible materials, to have a formal youth service or Sunday school. Thus, the students do the motion of going to church, but their spirits do not learn what it means to live as a follower of Christ. Children also have no direct role model to show them how fulfilling it is to be a follower of Christ. They could be born in the church and attend for 18+ years, but then easily leave during college or adulthood because they never established the foundation of faith.

We want to intervene before it’s too late. Elementary and youth age is when students are most open to the church. When many of them reach college, they are consumed by things that hinder them from receiving Jesus Christ. Statistics show that if students don’t come to faith in elementary or high school, then the possibility of becoming a believer diminishes significantly.

The time is now and the need is here.

Our Mission Many churches believe that expansion and maintenance of their congregation directly correlate to a good ministry. That, however, is not the case. Churches are not founded to make church-goers, they are founded to make disciples who are trained and equipped to go into the world and live Christ-like lives. Students are not simply the next generation of their church; they are the next generation of the world. Our goal is to prepare them for whatever may come their way throughout their journeys in faith.

How you can help
  • Be a supporter. Support us with your prayers. We have occasional prayer meetings that are open to anyone who would like to pray for our ministry and the next generation. We would love for you to join us.
    You may also support us financially by donating online (click the button at the top of the website). Our staff doesn’t get paid for the work they do because most churches we reach out to do not have the financial means to pay for teachers.
    You can also support physically with your abilities. For example, some children even lack rides to church, forcing them to stay home on Sundays. If you are able to provide a ride for someone, it would strengthen our ministry even further.
  • Be a doer. Attend a training session on how to lead a Bible study. You can make a commitment for a set amount of time (3, 6, 9,… months). This is a step further towards making disciples. You will receive support from CSO and get to work with other Outreach staff members to further your ministry.
  • Be a trainer. If you’re a qualified leader, you can donate your time and ability to train doers, so they may go out and lead a Bible study.



School Of Next Generation

The Need Our desire is to have our Outreach team place a teacher in every church, but in reality, that isn’t possible. We cannot wait until we have all the outreach resources before we expand our ministry. So we decided to step foot into another environment that is important in a student’s life: education. The public education system is increasingly moving away from good Christian family values and are losing the ability to care for the individual. Yet this is a place in which children spend most of their time. As Christians, we are responsible for the proper education of our children and must counter any negative effects that schools are having on their growth. Also, when students fall behind academically, it has a direct toll on their self-confidence and motivation.

Our Mission Our larger mission is to build confident, diligent, and humble individuals by providing multifaceted support in a safe and friendly environment. SONG, or School Of Next Generation, is a Saturday school that impacts the three major aspects of a student’s life: academics, faith, and life skills. We bring middle school and high school students from various towns to a centralized location for an extended period of time (six hours). A lot happens in this time, but one thing we constantly reinforce is encouraging students at all levels to strive for the desire to learn.
For academics, our teachers teach Math, Reading, and Writing in the Common Core and SAT, as well as grammar for varying grade levels. We use a special online assessment program called TestAverage to target each student’s weaknesses and tailor our classes according to the students’ performance. We believe that providing a great academic environment can also be an incentive for non-church-going students to come and learn about Jesus Christ.
For the spiritual aspect, we hold service in the middle of the day, after lunch (which we provide). After service, we break off into small groups, led by spiritual leaders from other mission organizations. Our goal is to help our students build healthy personal relationships with God through praise, prayer, Scripture reading, and fellowship.
We are also cognizant of the need for specialized skills. We strive for our students to be well-rounded, having great ability with greater humility. Certain skills, such as computer programming or playing a musical instrument, will provide other outlets for students to learn and maybe even find their passion in.

How you can help
  • Be a supporter. Support us with your prayers. We have occasional prayer meetings that are open to anyone who would like to pray for our ministry and the next generation. We would love for you to join us.
    You can also support us financially. Because we give so many scholarships, especially to single parents and small church students, we need a lot of fundraising to make this program run.
  • Be a doer. People with educational or spiritual background that have had work experience can help teach academics, disciple students, and provide life-skill training (praise team, computers, skills, etc.).



Acts 11 – Church helping Church

The Need In Acts 11, the disciples sent relief to the Christians in Judea.  Church helping Church. There is a need to work together to provide special events throughout the year. Many small churches do not have the resources to lead their own VBS, youth retreats, or praise and fellowship nights. There is also a severe lack of fellowship among peers because small churches may only have one family of children. This is a difficult situation even for children who have received Christ.

Our Mission We wish to work together, pooling our resources, to create events where small churches can unite and be part of a setting that encourages peer interaction. We try to hold annual VBS sessions in the summer, along with winter and summer youth retreats, and occasional holiday events such as Holy Win. Our target audience for each event is different, giving attention to children of all ages.

How you can help
  • Be a supporter. Support us with your prayers. We have occasional prayer meetings that are open to anyone who would like to pray for our ministry and the next generation. We would love for you to join us.
    For retreats, you can provide meals or fund a student to attend the retreat. Large churches usually fund their students for events like these, so we would like to open up the opportunity for small church students.
  • Be a doer. Maybe it’s difficult for you to make long-term commitments like Outreach or SONG. But if you have 3-4 days to take off, you could help directly with VBS, retreats, and other events. You will get to work with many other church leaders to lead these events and prepare a meaningful time for students who rarely get this chance.